I read a lot of blogs and online articles. I mean A LOT… There is a ton of great literature on the internet, especially this one! Here are some of the notable posts from the past week. Essentially, this is a curated list of articles that are much better than mine to spend your Saturday morning with.

1. Church Should Feel Uncomfortable

“The college students I know aren’t interested in a church with a nice shiny college ministry. They want a church that’s alive, bearing fruit and making disciples. The young professionals in our life group don’t meet week after week because hanging out with a diverse array of awkward personalities after a long day’s work makes life easier. No. They come because there’s power in living beyond the comfort of one’s own life. There’s growth when believers help each other look outside themselves to Jesus.”

2. Can we prevent history from repeating by reimagining how we tell it?

This is an awesome critique on how history is taught to an evolving audience. Many activities such as virtual reality and video games are exceeding the retention rate for adolescents more so than textbooks and documentaries on history (which, for me, is completely understandable.) How can this story-telling of history be adapted? In comparison, the same problem is found in the instruction of scripture. As media and technology are competing for our attention, often our teaching of Biblical knowledge is resolved by telling students to sit in a room and stare at a 2,000-page novel. Could we be doing better in telling the narratives of scripture in our assemblies?

3. Chance the Rapper Losing God Helped Him Create Music as ‘Christian Man’

Chance the Rapper is a rising artist with a newly released album Coloring Book which has broken downloading and internet records. Here, he breaks down his faith, how it has influenced his music and his evaluation of modern gospel music. When commentating on the album Chance comments, “That’s the whole process of this thing, it’s like putting God back in our hands in everyday life.”

4. Coloring Book-Chance the Rapper

Disclaimer: this contains some explicit language but is worth the listen. Chance boldly displays his feelings for the current state of the music industry and wraps about faith and family. With collaborations from many other great artists, songs like How Great and Blessings give honest praises to and ask bold requests of God.

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