If you have a few moments, watch this TED video of female rabbi Sharon Brous. Even though she is a bit unorthodox, her message speaks to many concerns of religion today.

Sharon takes a stand against the violent culture that has been associated with religion and turns it on its head. Religion should not cause these acts of violence, but become the solution by acting in grace and love. There has been a “great failure of religion” she notes. Tradition and cynicism have created this “routine-ism” that has created a utopia inside congregations, but fractured relationships with outsiders.

Her message is to reform Jewish practice but invades aspects of all walks of faith. As people drown in the media of violence, hate, and racial/gender/sexual inequalities, they become less likely to act (aka “psychic numbing”). As religion undergoes a needed revitalization, it must stand up and defend those with no voice.

How can your church embrace a “world on fire?”

What are some cyclical religious traditions that are pushing people away rather than drawing others in? 

How can faith provide a sense of identity and hope to people that have none? 

Do our religious establishments practice “inter-connectedness” in our communities and nation?