E3 is a conference where over 50,000 geeks, like myself, commune to watch the newest game trailers and tech from the biggest studios and brands. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo held 1-2 hour gatherings this week to show off their new stuff. At this convention, hours of trailers and game-play are shown to an ecstatic audience. Above, is a video of one of the trailers shown by Sony this year. Yes, I chose this one because I am partial to both PlayStation and Spider-Man.
Here is a more detailed look into what E3 is.
Come Together. Isn’t it amazing what our society comes together for? Just think of all the things that create a mass audience and hysteria. There’s food, sports, movies, and music. It’s amazing to see what brings people together in a coliseum, stadium, or theater. Consider baseball. I love sitting in a stadium when it’s over 100 degrees with some strangers sharing a common affection for a team.
AMC Best Picture Showcase
AMC, they know what’s up.
Binging and viewing. We see this in the film industry as well. Many people binge TV and movies. For instance, AMC hosts a crazy feature that shows all the Oscar nominated movies back-to-back (to back, to back, to back…). 12 hours of two days are spent watching movie after movie for all those that are up to win the metal man. This is insane but yet… I LOVE IT. When people share an intense passion it can override any personal barrier.
When people share an intense passion it can override any personal barrier.
Expressing a commonality. It can be difficult to engage in conversation or activities with strangers. Once we allow ourselves to share interests and passions with other people, we get over the awkward walls of being unpersonable. We should allow these things to unite us among friends and soon-to-be-known acquaintances. For some this may look like buying a new video game, sitting in a sports stadium, watching hours of Netflix, or attending a Sunday morning service.
Hopefully, one day I’ll find myself at the E3 convention (if my wife lets me). Partly, to watch exclusive video game announcements, but mostly to experience another community. It’s fantastic to walk into a room full of people where sharing interests and values means more than merely knowing one’s name. This is a way to shake the nerves and alleviates the stressors we have about starting new relationships. Shared experiences and interest do away with this.
So go, find something you’re passionate about and allow it to foster a new friendship.