Over the past several years, there has been a remarkable drop in national identity. From an unflinching ideal to that of questioning the morale and direction of the country that one lives in, it has become more common to question patriotism. Why is this, and is it healthy for a community to live in this tension of national pride and being skeptical of its leaders?

I remember a conversation that I had with my dad when I was a kid: “Dad, what’s more important to you: being a Christian, or being an American?” With a reverent tone, he began to tell me how they were one and the same and that we should go to any length to strengthen and protect America and her ideals. Though, we have seen this kind of mindset shift overtime.

Does anyone remember the Dixie Chicks? In my objective opinion, they were once the most famous and talented groups in country music. They had gained fame and success… until they criticized the president on foreign soil. From there, former fans across the country stood out publicly to burn their music and some even went as far to send them death threats! It’s crazy that we once lived in a time like that.

A brief recap.

Contrast that to what happened earlier this week. Megan Rapinoe of the USWNT remarked that she would not be visiting the White House after the World Cup and had an exchange with Trump over social media. Many outlets and followers supported her, her criticism, and her voice to oppose the president, but were also excited for her to represent her country at this global event. It has become the blueprint of the American identity to stand for justice and democracy, as well as critique its leaders.


Whether you’re for or against those in office, Christian or some other religion, or just a plain ole red white and blue American, the fabric of free speech and national pride are changing. Where once it was seen as treasonous to speak out against an administration, now it’s expected. This 4th of July, maybe it’s time to consider this change of direction. What do you think?

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