Out of the Woods

A look at the inside, from an outsider's perspective


What is this Site?

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Hi! I’m John Frias and welcome to “Out of the Woods.” I began this blog as a beginning to decipher my way through ministry and graduate school. I’m a student at Oklahoma Christian University where I am mastering in divinity (a fancy way to say I study theology and ministry). My hope is that this site will provide insight into ministry, theology, and occasional Christian perspectives to modern media.

“Out of the Woods” is for anyone who is on the course of a deeper understanding of faith and how to bridge the two realms of the divine and our own human condition. If a minister, critical observer, or student, I invite you to contribute to the discussion here. This blog is a platform not merely for my own voice, but for a conversation as a whole. What are you reading, watching, or listening to that impacts your relationships with each other, and God? Many of the classes in grad school I attend are held in a round-table format where others are invited to chime in and never hold back: my intentions for this blog are to model this atmosphere.

Now a Little About Myself…

I named this blog, “Out of the Woods” because that has typically been my view of Christianity and its ministry. My love for Christ and His church was found as an outsider. From pain and dissonance in dysfunctional relationships, I found myself longing to be a part of the family I found in the church (how corny can this paragraph get?). This sense of belonging and acceptance is what fueled my belief and later, my sincere faith.

In the same aspect, this was similar to my relationship with ministry. I never found this to be a part of my path. My search for love and comfort led me to The Gospel and later evoked my passion for providing this same love and comfort to others. Now, I am married to my beautiful wife, Marci and am a youth minister for a wonderful assembly that is riddled with mistakes, but so full of love.

Outside of relationships, ministry, and study, I find my interests in music, film, and the occasional video game. Music, movies, and TV shows will hopefully work their way into this blog. I love using these outlets to discern the nature of our lives and relate them back to God.

What to Do Now

If any of this sounds a bit amusing, I encourage you to subscribe, bookmark, follow me, or whatever tickles your fancy. Please, join the discussion. The pursuit of truth is not a narrow hallway that one travels downward, but an open area where people discuss, rebuttal, and sharpen each other.

-Proverbs 27:17.