Out of the Woods

A look at the inside, from an outsider's perspective



Eliminating Average

Some prequels are great, some just exist for Hollywood income, some eliminate relatability.

Nights and Weekends

Marci often says, "Love is a choice." Well, so are healthy relationships.

Social Media and a Curated Identity

There is an ever increasing pressure on individuals to have a social presence on the internet. As children are growing into a world built upon socializing to the masses with their thoughts, popularity, wit, and attraction, it's hard not to look away from the strain that causes on their psyche.

Lessons from Ministry-Misplaced Hope

Do you realize how much you hope for throughout the day? You go to bed, hoping that the next day will begin routinely. When we wake up in the morning, we HOPE that our alarm will go off, we HOPE that there will be warm water when we turn on the shower, and we HOPE that people won't cross the yellow stripes on the highway on our way to wherever we're going. Hope drives us, propels us, and frames our perspective of the world we live in.

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